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Anonymous said: i apparently unfollowed you, i'm so sorry i love you!!!

I love you too


alex gaskarth of all time low
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 if i was a doctor
hot guy: i sprained my wrist
me: okay take off your underwear

I just want hickeys and self esteem

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Anonymous said: i totally agree with you about 5sos not being pop punk, but more of a pop boy band. I'm just curious though, would you consider bands like all time low, paramore, and fall out boy pop punk? and obviously music genres are slightly fluid, but how do you define pop punk? ^-^

In my opinion. Pop punk is punk rock with harmonies amd different progressions can be more “cleaner” sounding but also similar lyrics to punk rock bands. Not pop music with boys who think they dress and act “punk”

Anonymous said: 5sos is pop punk your just jealous

I swear to fuck i’m going to bed after this. But if you think THIS is pop punk i am so sorry. I can understand the POP part. they have all the qualities of a POP band. goodnight